Successful B2B Online Shops Built with CS-Cart

Stark Drive: Selling Electrobikes to Tesla

Stark Drive is a US-based b2b ecommerce company that manufactures and sells the most affordable electric bikes. The headquarters is located in the United States and the production facilities are in China. This way, Stark Drive managed to set the lowest prices on their bikes and was even featured in Forbеs as the company that breaks the $400 barrier for electric bikes.

Euroworker: Norway Supplier of Communication Equipment for Public and Private Businesses

Euroworker is a B2B web store from Norway selling industrial communication equipment, headset for offices and call centers, radio communication and video conference gear. They only sell to public and private businesses. is one of the 6 online stores owned by the parent company Euroworker AS with the headquarters in Oslo.

KS Innovative: Supplying Art Centers and Schools with Craft Materials for 20 Years

KS Innovative supplies and manufactures kids' arts and crafts. They sell to retail customers and dealers. The company is online for 11 years now but they are in business since 2000. KS Innovative covers Malaysia but exports to international customers as well.

Seal My Fridge: Australia’s Best Fridge Seal Manufacturer / Supplier

Seal My Fridge is an Australian B2B ecommerce company that manufactures and sells high-quality replacement fridge and freezer door seals. It’s a family business—Kerry Dunk manages the b2b eCommerce website and day to day running of the business and her partner Elliot Vaughan manufactures and installs the seals. They supply seals and accessories to hospitality, restaurants, game venues, night clubs, schools, and refrigeration companies. They also sell to individuals. Selling Medical Equipment to Hospitals Since 1994 b2b ecommerce company sells professional medical equipment and medical home care appliances to doctors, hospitals, clinics, and other medical companies who want to resell their products. This is an eCommerce department of the parent company called Sigma Medical. has been selling online for 10 years now and covers the needs of the Greek market.Read more

Farla: One of the Biggest Pregnancy Pillow Manufacturer in Russia

Farla manufactures and sells pregnancy pillows and baby products since 2013. The company has its own manufacturing facility in Saint-Petersburg and warehouses in Moscow. Farla is one of the leading baby product manufacturers in Russia and ex-USSR countries. They sell pregnancy pillows, receiving blankets, soft-structured baby carriers, and other baby goods to dealers and individuals.

National Cartridge: Supplying Offices Since 1993

National Cartridge is a B2B eCommerce store that offers automation office supplies: toner cartridges, office machines, paper handling equipment, ink cartridges, paper products, scanners, and others. The company is on the market since 1993 and since 1996 it’s online. And all this time it’s operated solely by the owner—Ken Brilliant.

Edding-Shop: Offering Markers for Professionals Since 1999

Edding-Shop sells office equipment like pencils, spray-cans, and markers for professional usage. Their b2b clients are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises but they also have some large clients such as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Edding-Shop b2b ecommerce company covers the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.


LinkShop is a B2B online store from Greece selling telecommunication equipment such as Wi-Fi equipment, cameras, security systems, and smart home systems. They sell to companies and individuals. The company has been working in telecommunications since 1998 and they offer on-site installation services.


Printarama is a print shop from Spain. They offer printing services for businesses and individuals. For businesses, they print on solid materials such as PVC, wood, and metal. And recently, they entered the B2C segment with photo printing. The company prints for hotels, tourism businesses, and art.

The Computer Supplies Shop

The company is an authorized Verbatim reseller for 27 years. They sell Verbatim computer products including CD/DVD/BD-R, flash memory, hard drives, office products, and phone accessories. The company sells to businesses and individuals.

Michelangelo Fine Art Supplies

This b2b ecommerce company makes and sells artist materials to Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. They sell directly to shops. As the business owner says, this is 70% of their income. The remaining 30% are retail customers. The store offers palettes, colors, hardware, brushes, and other tools for creators.


The Micover company manufactures microphone windscreens and microphone accessories for filmmakers and audio engineers. They ship mainly within the United States and Canada and sometimes—worldwide.

CO INK Distributors

This shop only works with B2B customers. They offer printer ink and printhead cleaning and recovery solutions, advanced tech support, and piezo cleaning solutions for Epson printers. The company only sells in the US but informs international customers about how they can order and get the package in their countries. They also cater to the DTG/Textile, Screen Printing/UV-Blocking Black Film Ink, Photo, Sublimation, and UV-Curable Ink markets.

Vmusic Pro

Vmusic Pro builds and sells high-end custom computer systems for professional audio and video purposes. Alongside they sell professional audio equipment and software. Their customers are located in Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany. They plan to expand the business to the rest of the EU.

CSC Clip Strip

These guys invented the clip strip that stores use to hang small bags of products at the cash register. It greatly works for impulse purchases. The company also sells data channel strips that retailers adhere to shelves and put pricing or advertising in the strip.

Beer Box Shop

The Beer Box Shop company started in 2014 with the aim of creating a large range of ready-to-ship industry-specific packaging. They supply small breweries with ready-made packages for beer cans and bottles. The company also sells cardboard gift boxes for breweries and bottle shops and trade packaging for breweries doing bottling or canning runs. The company supports these products with rubber stamps, labels, and more.


This is a wholesale linen and cotton clothing store from Mexico. The company was founded in 2008 in the state of Quintana Roo, Cancun, and currently has branches in Cancun, Campeche, Merida, and Puerto Vallarta. Their goal is to offer the customers the highest quality and variety in clothing products 100% linen and cotton for the whole family and give the best customer service. All the products are 100% manufactured in Mexico.


Artikia started in 2009 as a sole importer of the branded furniture of Black Red White, a Polish-based high-quality furniture company in Europe. For now, they cover mainly Greece. The company not only sells the Black Red White products but also installs them and completes custom woodwork that fits specific needs.

Hellas Digital

Hellas Digital is a telecommunications company based in Greece. They install and sell telecommunications, electronics, CCTV, networking and associated services. They work in the B2B and B2C segments but they mainly do projects (installations) for businesses. Since 2012, they are focusing on e-commerce.


TinTins is an eCommerce website from Russia selling coffee equipment for coffee shops and restaurants. They started in B2C and then switched to B2B ecommerce. They mainly sell in Russia and the neighborhood. Some equipment is custom made for specific requests.

Belaya Vorona

This is a jewelry company from Russia. The company name is translated as “white crow”. They have a factory in Moscow that has been operating since 2005. This is a wholesale company—they sell ready-made silver jewelry and precious gems to other businesses and online stores.


This is another B2B online store from Russia. They sell electronics, security systems, TV, and other telecommunication equipment to businesses, construction firms, and industrial facilities. From time to time, they sell to individuals. APS-SHOP offers a wide range of electric products produced by Russian and abroad companies. They continuously expand their catalog.


Northskull is a company producing and selling men’s luxury jewelry and accessories. The company is based in London. Guys at Northskull create contemporary, technically innovative pieces to add a stylish element to the attire of the modern man. To create their unique jewelry and accessories, they use luxurious materials, such as semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, and python leather. The Northskull store has a blog that is called “Journal”. In their “Journal”, you will find store news and fashion articles. Northskull is super social: they have accounts in all the known social media, plus they ask their customers to actively share photos of how they wear Northskull jewelry.


Burford is a family business with quite a history. The store sells products for the garden and home: plants, garden tools, furniture, cushions, home furniture, kitchenware, lighting, and much more. The store owners say their products are different from the mainstream, and they present them differently. And it‘s true! These products are presented on the storefront with thorough descriptions and lovely product pictures. The storefront in general feels friendly and a great “home” style.


WatchStyle sells high-end watch bands. The company was founded in 2004 and has established itself as a leading supplier of high-end replacement watch bands. WatchStyle is proud of high quality of the products, affordable prices, and fast delivery. The store owner, Michael Kares, developed the storefront design himself.

More On The Door

More On The Door is a store selling hard-dance, hard-house, and hard-trance e-tickets. Clubbers and dance music fans don’t have to wait in line—they receive tickets right to their mailboxes. The mission of this website is to deliver the best e-ticket shopping experience for those who don’t want to pay excessive booking and transaction fees, and tired of ticket touts.


Atlantica is all about fashion. In their catalog you’ll find classic style and elegant clothing as well bold and eclectic style clothing. Atlantica can boast of the quality of their products, a large catalog that is updated once a week, frequent promotions, and fast delivery

Family Leisure

Family Leisure is another company with a great history, which started in 1967. The store sells all kinds of leisure products for the entire family: pool tables, trampolines, tanning beds, spas, aboveground pools, inground pools, patio furniture, game tables, custom fireplaces, outdoor and indoor bars, all of the fixing s for outdoor kitchens, and more. Thanks to the eCommerce website based on CS-Cart, their products are available to the entire continental U.S.

Party Supplies Emporium

Party Supplies Emporium is a party shop from Australia that offers a great range of party goods and accessories. This store helps people organize creative parties or personal events like weddings or anniversaries, as well as special occasions such as St. Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Halloween, and other special days.


As the owners say, Printism is a philosophy not just a website. This store offers prints of illustrations and paintings of different styles such as surrealistic, symbolic, indoor art, landscapes, vintage posters, and others. When ordering a print, the customer selects the type of the print, such as paper print, framed print, canvas, or stretched print, the size of the print, and the frame style. Frames are applied to the print preview in real time, so a customer sees the final appearance of the framed print.


Fameg is an e-store that sells bentwood furniture. Fameg furniture makers use the wood bending technology that was invented in 19th century. The Fameg store has a lot of cool custom features. One of the most impressive is the real-time product configurator. You can customize furniture by choosing colors and upholstery and see the changes in real time on the interactive 360° product view.

Boréal Coffee Shop

Boreal Coffee Shop is an online store and a promo website for a coffee shop chain of the same name across Geneva. On this website, you can buy first-rate coffee and order coffee catering for your events: conference, corporate off-site, or wedding.

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