Conversion tools

Product Reviews and Reviews

With the Comments and Reviews add-on enabled, your shoppers post product reviews, reviews and comments to your store.

Reviews and testimonials from real customers make the store reliable, help attract new customers and increase sales.

Bestsellers and products for sale

This cross-selling tool allows you to showcase best sellers, sales, similar, newest products, and more.

Use the Bestsellers & On-Sale Products add-on to offer your customers more products and great deals.

Customers also bought

The Buyers Also Bought list is a must-have cross-selling tool for a complete online store.

It shows which products customers usually buy with a particular item. An add-on purchased by customers allows you to offer customers additional useful products.

Buy together

Use the Buy Together cross-sell tool to group related products into a bundle and offer a discount on that bundle.

This tool will help you increase your sales by selling more useful products to your customers.

Shopping Cart Tracking

It's important to know how many customers are not fulfilling their orders and why they abandon their carts. You can use this information to bring back customers with bonuses and discover bottlenecks in the buying process.

CS-Cart has a cart tracking tool out of the box. This is called Abandoned / Alive Carts.

Abandoned carts

Knowing when your customers are leaving their carts can help you identify and eliminate bottlenecks along the way to checkout, improving their shopping experience and your bottom line.

Living carts

You can view in detail any current shopping session on the storefront right in the CS-Cart admin panel. Take a look at your shopping cart!

Promotions and discounts

CS-Cart offers many promotion options to drive customers to your store: catalog or cart, flat discount or percentage, and more.

Setting a discount for a specific product is very simple: just set the list price below the actual price and the discount will be calculated on the fly.

Full integration with Mad Mimi and MailChimp

Synchronize your subscriber lists with Mad Mimi and MailChimp email marketing services using the email marketing add-on.

פתח חנות וירטואלית עכשיו!

חנות וירטואלית שתעבוד עבורך תמיד מכל מקום.

Standard Store   CS-Cart

ש"ח 4900
  • רישיון למערכת
  • חנות בפייסבוק
  • סינכרון עם Ebay
  • התקנה בשרת, בדיקות
  • הדרכה ומסירה ללקוח
  • תמיכה טכני

Premium Store CS-Cart

ש"ח 9800
  • רישיון למערכת
  • חנות בפייסבוק
  • סינכרון עם Ebay
  • יצירת עמוד ראשי
  • הזנת דפי תוכן והכנת תפריט
  • קטלוג מוצרים / שירותים (עד 20)

VIP Store CS-Cart

ש"ח 19900
  • רישיון למערכת
  • חנות בפייסבוק
  • סינכרון עם Ebay
  • עיצוב מותאם אישי PSD
  • שעות פיתוח (עד 30 שעות)
  • יצירת עמוד ראשי (כולל תכנים)