Manage your store

Powerful admin panel

Every CS-Cart store has a powerful admin panel. It is packed with dozens of features to help you take complete control of your store.

All the tools you need to stop worrying are always at your fingertips, intuitive and operated in a clean design.

manage an online store
mobile app for admin

Admin mobile app

With the Admin mobile app, you can manage your online store from your mobile device on the go. All you need is to install our mobile application on your iOS or Android device and start managing the admin panel from your smartphone. Using the admin panel through the application is much more convenient than through a mobile browser. Admin mobile app is only available in CS-Cart Ultimate.

Built-in content management

The CS-Cart admin panel includes a full-fledged content management system.

The built-in CMS offers an easy way to create rich and SEO-optimized content pages for your website. You have complete control over the navigation and hierarchy of your page. The modern WYSIWYG web editor will help you create beautiful pages in no time.

online store management
online store management

Product Filters

Product filters provide a convenient way to search the store catalog. With CS-Cart, you can easily create your own product filters based on any product characteristics.

manage an online store

Return management

With the built-in RMA module, a customer can quickly create a return request and track it on their profile page. All requests are easy to manage through the admin panel.

online store showcase

Multilingual and Currency

CS-Cart is localized into 10+ languages. Customers can easily switch languages and currencies right in the storefront; the prices are converted on the fly.

Multi-Store by Design

CS-Cart offers great scalability via additional storefronts. All storefronts are controlled from the same admin panel.

Although all storefronts share the same DB, you can customize each one individually giving it a unique look and feel. Also, every storefront can have its own customers and products isolated from the other ones.

פתח חנות וירטואלית עכשיו!

חנות וירטואלית שתעבוד עבורך תמיד מכל מקום.

Standard Store   CS-Cart

ש"ח 4900
  • רישיון למערכת
  • חנות בפייסבוק
  • סינכרון עם Ebay
  • התקנה בשרת, בדיקות
  • הדרכה ומסירה ללקוח
  • תמיכה טכני

Premium Store CS-Cart

ש"ח 9800
  • רישיון למערכת
  • חנות בפייסבוק
  • סינכרון עם Ebay
  • יצירת עמוד ראשי
  • הזנת דפי תוכן והכנת תפריט
  • קטלוג מוצרים / שירותים (עד 20)

VIP Store CS-Cart

ש"ח 19900
  • רישיון למערכת
  • חנות בפייסבוק
  • סינכרון עם Ebay
  • עיצוב מותאם אישי PSD
  • שעות פיתוח (עד 30 שעות)
  • יצירת עמוד ראשי (כולל תכנים)